We Are Unapologetically Ambitious Bad-Ass Female Entrepreneurs, Who Are On A Mission To Help You Build The Business Of Your Dreams & Create The Success You Want.  We Are Taking Away The Excuses & The Financial Challenges That You Can Be Faced With When Starting Or Growing Your Empire.

Would Extra Funding Be The Game Changer Needed To Help Fuel The Vision You Have To Start, Run Or Grow Your Business?

Access to capital is crucial to any small business’s growth trajectory. With women owning 30% of small businesses, they are only receiving 4.4% of total dollars in conventional small business loans made. This Is One Of The Reasons We Are Passionately Driven & Committed To Helping You On Your Business Journey.

Listen, Ms.CEO…..We Know & Understand The Struggle Is Real When It Comes To Starting Or Growing Your Dream Business. Just Like You, We Found Ourselves faced with obstacles that prevented us from securing funding to reach our full entrepreneurial potential. Girl, We Have Come Out On The Other Side Of The Fire, And I Mean Literally. From Building a Successful Business To Losing It All Due To A Fire. Then Dealing With Trying To Re-Build The Business With Little To No Funds, Made The Vision Feel Like Less Of A Reality. Pushing Through All Adversity, We Set Our Sights High On A Mission That Would Empower Women Just Like Us To Find Their Purpose Through The Pain & Follow Their Passion.

We Are One Of The Few Organizations That Award Small Business Grants To Women Entrepreneurs, Empowering Them To Kick Ass In Business, & Turn Their Innovative Ideas Into The Companies That Will Shape Our Future.


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Here Are 12 Small Business Grants for Women Entrepreneurs:

  1. Hello Ms. CEO Grants
  3. National Association For The Self-Employed Growth Grants
  4. Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program
  5. Amber Grant
  6. IdeaCafe Grant
  7. #GIRLBOSS Foundation Grant
  8. Cartier Women’s Initiative Award
  10. FedEx Small Business Grant
  11. The Halstead Grant
  12. Open Meadows Foundation
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