What Is Hello Ms.CEO?

Hello Ms.CEO is a Luxury Lifestyle Subscription Box & Membership Platform created by Women For Women to promote Female Empowerment with a FOCUS on helping you to Build & Grow a Successful Business.

What’s in My Subscription Box?

Each box will be filled with 4-6 items such as lifestyle goodies, self-care indulgences, business essentials and much more to help Turn Up Your Hustle. Products will range from A Positive Affirmation T-Shirt To Stylish Office Supplies, Fashionable Accessories, Stationary Treats, Motivational Books, Resources, Discounts on Business/ Life Coaching Tools & Classes, along with anything else fashion forward to Inspire & Empower our HMC Tribe.

What is a Subscription Box & Monthly Membership?

A Subscription Box is a recurring charge and in return you receive a carefully curated box filled with Inspiration, Motivation, & Education delivered to your doorstep every other month (Bi-Monthly). 

The Monthly Memebership gives you access to the Online Trainings (Master Classes), Group Coaching, Live Goal-Setting & Accountability Workshops, Resources, Business Tips, Book Club And Much More.

Note: If you select to have the Bi-Monthly frequency option you will receive the Subscription Box (Delivered to your doorstep every other month) along with access to the business training and tools in the Membership portal. The Bi-Monthly option does not include the LIVE Goal-Setting & Accountability Workshops, Group Coaching, and Question & Answer Sessions with Expert Coaches.

What Is The Cost?

There are several different options for pricing. Please see Membership page for details.

Note: You have the option of choosing between a Monthly Membership & Bi-Monthly Frequency. If you only want the Subscription Box then you will want to choose the Bi-Monthly Frequency option. 

What Month Will I Start?

Order by the 12th of the month to receive the next scheduled Subscription Box. 

Note: Subscription Boxes are delivered every other month (Bi-Monthly). Whether your on the Bi-Monthly or Monthly Membership Frequency you will have access immediately to our HMC Membership portal. 

When Will My Subscription Box Be Shipped?

Your Subscription Box will be  shipped between the 15th and 20th of the delivery scheduled month.

Note: Your Subscription Box will be delivered every other month (Bi-Monthly). There are no contracts and you can cancel, pause or skip at any time. 

How Does The Billing Work?

You are billed on the 1st of every month for the Monthly Membership and the 1st of the scheduled delivery month for the Bi-Monthly frequency option.

Note: There are no contracts you can cancel, pause, or skip at any time.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

Hello Ms.CEO accepts all major debit and credit cards for your Subscription Box & Monthly Membership options. 

Note: We do accept PayPal but this option is only available for items in the SHOP. 

Does My Subscription Box &/ Monthly Membership Automatically Renew?

Yes, if you choose the Subscription Box & Monthly Membership whether you select a Monthly or Bi-Monthly Frequency your plan will be Automatically Renewed. 

Note: There are no contracts, so you can cancel, pause, skip or change your billing frequency at anytime. 

How Much Is Shipping?

FREE Shipping is offered on our Monthly Membership, Quarterly (3 months) & Annual (12 months) membership plan options.

Note: Free shipping is currently only being offered within the (U.S. Only).

The (Bi-Monthly)every other month frequency has a flat rate shipping fee of $5.95 which is half of what shipping actually cost. We absorb the rest of the shipping fees because we strive to see you succeed. Our goal is to deliver an experience that offers the best in products & services, therefore, we do not add the shipping into the cost of the box.

We do incentivize with Free Shipping on Quarterly (3 months) and Annual (12 months) PrePay plan options.

Note: We encourage you to try our quarterly or annual plan options to maximize the true benefit of your Hello Ms.CEO membership.

Do You Offer International Shipping Options?

Currently we do not offer International Shipping. We are working on bringing you International Shipping options soon.

Do You Offer Expedited Shipping?

Currently we do not offer Expedited Shipping. All shipping will be standard 3-5 days in the USA.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Sorry Lovely, our Subscription Boxes & Monthly Membership are nonrefundable and ineligible for returns. There are no contracts, you may cancel, skip, pause or change your Membership Frequency at any time. 

Subscription Boxes are curated to surprise you with a different product or experience that you may not normally choose for yourself. If there is an item that you do not want, have already or can’t use it makes for a perfect opportunity to gift to your friends, family, colleagues or clients. If there is a problem please email our team at info@hellomsceo.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I Cancel My Subscription Box or Monthly Membership?


Absolutely, there are no contracts you can cancel, skip, pause and change the frequency of your Membership at any time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for shipped boxes. However, we will review and address all concerns on a case by case basis. We love keeping our Ms.CEO's Happy.