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What best describes your business journey so far?

What best describes your business journey so far?

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Use this space to tell us about your project. Please explain how your product, service or technology has an efficacy benefit that solves a massive consumer problem in a way that no other product has been able to. Tell us why it demonstrates creativity, innovation, and business acumen. What makes your project standout in your field?

Please describe the level of IP protection you have obtained for your product or technology if applicable.

Do you have Partnerships that you are proud of? (Ex: I was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine. I partnered with the GirlBoss Community and did a unique collaboration.)

Let’s Talk About Business Funding. Don’t Skip This Part, It’s Super Crucial.

Have you ever crowdfunded before? If yes, please put the URL of your campaign below. If No, skip this question.

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If Yes, what type of funding did you raise?

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Ex: Select the number that closely matches how much you’ve raised in total through crowdfunding, pitch competitions, loans, investors and etc.

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Hello Ms.Ceo, LLC along with our Grant Sponsors would love to brag and make a big deal out of you. This will create a lot of exposure for you and your business venture. Please add any videos, pictures, etc to enhance and showcase your story. Please note that by submitting your content you are granting Hello Ms.Ceo, LLC and any sponsor of our grant program the right of use to include marketing across all platforms.

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  • Media should not contain any content that is protected by a trademark, copyright, trade secret, right of publicity or other proprietary rights without the express prior written consent of the owner of such right.
  • Media should not depict any other individual other than the participant, unless the participant has received the written permission of such individual.
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