Hey Gorgeous….

I’m Tavia, Founder of Hello Ms.CEO & Lover of TEA!
I’m proud to wear several different hats to include a Wife, Mother of 2, Creative Business Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, Womanpreneur and Still Hustling in my career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.
My Entrepreneurship journey started in 2001 with a network marketing company named Mary Kay. I then went on to several different network marketing companies and although I like the business model, I still felt incomplete.
Fast forward to 2008 my dreams then became reality and I went on to build a successful business originally named Danae’s Creations then changed to Sugar Rush Bath Co., which was a hand-made all-natural bath & body-care line that resembled edible treats you would find in an ice cream parlor. Sugar Rush was featured in several successful publications such as Essence, Juicy, Kontrol Magazine, and so many others to name a few. My products have been sold in the most fabulous boutiques and hotels you can think of, such as the Ritz Carlton and more. My team and I managed to build a network of a huge celebrity following when it came to my building the brand. As much as I’ve had my successes, I’ve definitely had my share of losses. Sugar Rush Bath Co. is no longer in existence due to a fire, which took away everything I’ve built including my home, car, family valuables, self-esteem and so much more. I’ve lost so many friends along the way and have been through the masses of having ups and downs.

I went through a deep depression after experiencing so much loss at one time. I found myself in search of business funding to rebuild my brand while craving a community of like-minded females who could relate or even understand my journey. Losing everything you’ve built from the ground up and watching it slowly disappear can really take a toll on you both mentally and emotionally.

I felt like I needed support, business funding, and more along with encouragement but everywhere I turned I could not find what I was in search of. That is the moment I decided to create what I was seeking. I was in need of a community of like-minded goal-getters that would help to build each other up, focus on growing their businesses together while supporting one another along the way, that’s when Hello Ms. CEO was born.

I’m extremely passionate about helping Female Entrepreneurs, to build the life they love through their POWER. I strongly believe that the secret to success is having the right mindset. You have to believe you can do it even when things seem impossible. The mind is powerful and there’s power in words. This is why I believe so much in positive affirmations and attracting success into your life. Hello Ms. CEO was born from the desire to CONNECT, EDUCATE, EMPOWER & to help you FUND your great ideas.